Green Building Index for Township

Green Building Index for Township


The Green Building Index is an environmental rating system for townships developed in Malaysia to promote the protection of the natural environment by balancing townships production and consumption of resources. The Green Building Index is Malaysia’s first comprehensive rating system for evaluating the environmental design and performance of Malaysian buildings. The tool was designed specifically for the Malaysian context.

How It Works

The system is based on six core categories to address the delivery of more sustainable townships and urban environments.

Tool Outcome

Assessment of a project’s environmental initiatives at any stage of its life cycle.

Sustainability Criteria

  • Climate, Energy, and Water (5 credits)
  • Environmental and Ecology (10 credits)
  • Community Planning and Design (11 credits)
  • Transportation and Connectivity (5 credits)
  • Building and Resources (8 credits)
  • Business and Innovation (3 credits)

Additional Information

  • Users of the tool- Project Team, Developers, Public Authorities
  • Phase when the tool applies- Procurement, Planning, Design, Construction
  • Geographic application- Malaysia