IS International Scheme – Pilot

IS International Scheme – Pilot


The IS International rating tool v1.0 (Pilot) is a credit-based, flexible rating framework applicable to both developed and developing economies outside of Australia and New Zealand . It was developed to ensure that infrastructure is designed, constructed, and operated to optimize sustainable outcomes over the long-term.

How It Works

The system is divided into different categories, and each of these categories is divided into a number of credits which addresses a specific aspect of sustainability performance within the category. This may relate to a mitigation or improvement initiative, or a process that supports the achievement of sustainable outcomes. The total score is calculated based on the points achieved in the different credits.

Tool Outcome

An assessment of the project identifying the score achieved as well as the opportunities for improvement.

Sustainability Criteria

  • 1. Management and Governance: Management Systems, Procurement and Purchasing, Climate Change Adaptation.
  • 2. Using Resources: Energy and carbon, Water, Materials.
  • 3. Emissions, Pollution, and Waste: Discharges to air, land and water, Land, Waste.
  • 4. Ecology
  • 5. People and Place: Community health wellbeing and safety, Heritage, Stakeholders Participation, Urban and Landscape Design.
  • 6. Innovation

Additional Information

  • Users of the tool – Project Team, Developers, Public Authorities, Investors, General Audience
  • Phase when the tool appliesĀ -Planning, Design, Construction
  • Geographic application – Australia, New Zealand