IS Operation Scheme

IS Operation Scheme


The IS Operations rating is a third-party assured framework for integrating sustainability risks and opportunities into strategy, operations, and reporting. It is intended to provide an assessment of risk-return, assured benchmarking, a transparent approach to sustainability governance, consistent evaluation across asset classes, networks and portfolios.

How It Works

This rating is applicable to all infrastructure assets/networks from any class that has been operating for any amount of time. The system is divided into different categories, and each of these categories is divided into a number of credits which addresses a specific aspect of sustainability performance within the category. The total score is calculated with points from each of the categories evaluated.

Tool Outcome

An assessment of Risk-Return (minimizing lifecycle costs and maximizing quadruple bottom-line returns); Assured Benchmarking (providing certainty of what constitutes improvement with specific and measurable outcomes to advance current levels of performance); A transparent approach to sustainability governance encouraging richer stakeholder communication and building social licence to operate; Consistent evaluation across asset classes, networks and portfolios; and an approach to quantifying performance gaps and material sustainability aspects that can enhance asset and portfolio management.

Sustainability Criteria

  • 1. Management and Governance: Management Systems, Procurement, and Purchasing,¬†Climate Change Adaptation
  • 2. Using Resources: Energy and carbon, Water, Materials
  • 3. Emissions, Pollution, and Waste: Discharges to air Land and water, Land, Waste
  • 4. Ecology
  • 5. People and Place: Community health well being and safety, Heritage, Stakeholders Participation, Urban and Landscape Design
  • 6. Innovation.

Additional Information

  • Users of the tool – Project Team, Developers, Operators, Public Authorities
  • Phase when the tool applies – Operation, Maintenance
  • Geographic application – Australia, New Zealand