Sustainable Infrastructure Guidelines for Overseas Chinese Enterprises

Sustainable Infrastructure Guidelines for Overseas Chinese Enterprises


The Guidelines are designed to provide a standard for sustainable infrastructure projects and spur enterprises into the processes of funding, planning, design, building, and operation. The Guidelines aim to help companies to establish effective and equitable sustainability governance rules, boost economic, social and environmental sustainability through viable actions, and in turn ensure the sustainability of infrastructure projects.

How It Works

The guidelines address desirable behaviors and governance rules amongst Chinese companies engaged in infrastructure projects overseas. The core topics include the guidelines for economic, environmental and social sustainability as well as sustainability governance rules.

Tool Outcome

 Indicators apply to all the stages of a project, providing recommendations to build infrastructure projects in a more sustainable way.

Sustainability Criteria

  • 1. Guidelines for Economic Sustainability: Financial Performance; Implications for Local Industries; Benefits for Local Economy.
  • 2. Guidelines for Social Sustainability: Protection for Employees’ Rights and Interests; Occupational Health and Safety Management; Quality Management; Co-Existence with Community Residents.
  • 3. Guidelines for Environmental Sustainability: GHG Emission Reduction; Pollution Control; Species Protection; Ecosystem Management; Marine Environment Protection; Sustainable Use and Protection of Resources.

Additional Information

  • Users of the tool – Project Team, Public Authorities
  • Phase when the tool applies – Planning, Design, Construction, Operation¬†
  • Geographic application – Overseas infrastructure projects of which Chinese companies (or consortia led by Chinese companies) are a part of – Countries not specified