Sustainable Transportation Analysis and Rating System – STARS

Sustainable Transportation Analysis and Rating System – STARS


STARS, the Sustainable Transportation Analysis & Rating System, is a performance-based process for developing, analyzing, rating and comparing outcome-based transportation plans and projects. There are three STARS manuals: STARS-Plan, STARS-Project, and STARS for Safety, Health, and Equity. STARS-Plan and STARS-Project allow users to gain credits toward a rating in seven categories.

How It Works

The system is divided into five required credits, 24 optional credits, and 12 core credits developed for the pilot phase.

Tool Outcome

Comparison of different transportation alternatives using Triple Bottom Line metrics. This helps identify green dividend leaving the local economy. This tool looks at the reduction of fuel spending, time and money saved via a simplified process. Focused goals and objectives are created around the development of healthy transportation (walking, cycling, transit by employees & residents) while helping meet economic, climate, livability and equity goals.”

Sustainability Criteria

  • Integrated Process,
  • Community Context
  • Access & Mobility
  • Safety & Health
  • Economic Benefit
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Climate Pollution & Energy Use
  • Ecological Function

Additional Information

  • Users of the tool – Project Team, Developers, Public Authorities
  • Phase when the tool applies – Planning, Design, Construction
  • Geographic application – USA