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Different phases of the infrastructure project lifecycle require different tools to help integrate sustainability into the project.

Click on the image below to navigate the tools that apply to the different phases of the project.


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Navigate by Stakeholders

Project developers, public officials or financiers among other stakeholders have particular needs and interest when making decisions about how to make their projects more sustainable.

Click on the below stakeholder groups to navigate the specific tools that apply to you.

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Core Functions

The Navigator gives an overview of the most relevant 50+ sustainability tools supporting project teams, public officials and financiers among other stakeholders to integrate sustainability during the lifecycle of the project. The Sustainable Infrastructure Tool Navigator provides easy access to 50+ tools including rating systems, high-level principles, and guidelines, helping stakeholders to find to the tool that best fits their needs. This Navigator offers a detailed explanation of the different tools as well, the phase of the life cycle, the main target audience and the geographic application distributed in more than 10 sectors in 17 countries.