Climate Toolkits for Infrastructure PPPs

Climate Toolkits for Infrastructure PPPs


The World Bank Group

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GuidelinesOperationalize sustainability principles, less specific than Benchmarks or Rating Systems.


Tools applicable to all sectors

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Strategic PlanningPublic authorities identify the needs and long-term vision for infrastructure development., Project PlanningGeneral strategy for a project’s delivery is developed., ProcurementThe provision of goods and services to realize a project are tendered and closed.

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The Climate Toolkits for Infrastructure Public-Private Partnerships (PPP), developed by the World Bank Group, is a comprehensive guide designed to integrate climate considerations into the entire lifecycle of PPP infrastructure projects. The toolkit emphasizes the dual goals of climate resilience and private sector engagement. It addresses critical questions such as optimizing risk allocation in the face of climate uncertainty, promoting gender inclusivity, and enhancing the long-term sustainability of investments. Comprising a high-level toolkit and sector-specific modules, it facilitates informed decision-making at each phase of the PPP cycle.

Tool Outcome

The toolkit’s outcome is a strategic framework and actionable guidance to embed climate considerations in PPP projects. It empowers governments, multilateral development banks, project sponsors, and advisors to navigate the complexities of PPP implementation, promoting climate mitigation and adaptation. Users gain insights into project phases, from initial assessments to contractual structures, fostering resilience to climatic uncertainties over the project’s lifespan. Accompanying the umbrella toolkit, there are several sectoral toolkits with sector-specific guidance.

Sustainability Criteria

The toolkit aligns with sustainability by incorporating climate-smart practices, bridging the gap between climate investment and gender inclusivity. It emphasizes the interconnectedness of climate and gender considerations, ensuring that neither is sacrificed for the other. The spotlight areas of guidance encompass climate risk assessments, innovative financing solutions like green bonds, and integrating climate decisions into project requirements. By guiding users through the integration of climate resilience measures at each stage, the toolkit promotes environmentally sustainable and socially inclusive PPP infrastructure projects.


Climate Change Mitigation, Climate Change Adaptation, Gender

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