DGNB System for Buildings

DGNB System for Buildings


German Sustainable Building Council

Type(s) of Tool

Rating Systems



Lifecycle Phase(s)

Project Planning, Concept Design, Detailed Design, Construction, Operation and Maintenance, Decomissioning/Repurposing

Open Source


Language Availability

English, German

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The DGNB System for Buildings is a planning and optimization tool for sustainable buildings. The tool evaluates the environmental, economic, sociocultural / functional, technical and process quality of projects. There are different types of certifications available across the life cycle of buildings: (1) DNGB pre-certification for new constructions, (2) DNGB certificate for new constructions, (3) DNGB certificate for buildings in use (plus a recertification option), (4) DNBG certificate for existing buildings, (5) DNGB certificate for renovated buildings and (6) DNGB certificate for dismantling. Assessments are undertaken by independent, DNGB-trained auditors. DNGB undertakes a final conformity check before the certification is awarded.

Tool Outcome

Depending on the score achieved, there are four different awards levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Sustainability Criteria

The tool evaluates the sustainability of projects based on the following criteria:
– Effects on the global and local environment (3 sub-criteria)
– Resource consumption and waste generation (3 sub-criteria)
– Lifecycle costs
– Economic development (2 sub-criteria)
– Health, comfort and user satisfaction (7 sub-criteria)
– Functionality / Design for all
– Technical quality (8 sub-criteria)
– Planning quality (4 sub-criteria)
– Construction quality assurance (5 sub-criteria)
– Site quality (4 sub-criteria)