Driving Change through Public Procurement

Driving Change through Public Procurement


The Danish Institute for Human Rights

Type(s) of Tool

GuidelinesOperationalize sustainability principles, less specific than Benchmarks or Rating Systems.


Tools applicable to all sectors

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ProcurementThe provision of goods and services to realize a project are tendered and closed.

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English, Spanish

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The objective of the toolkit “Driving Change through Public Procurement” is to enable public procurement policy makers, buyers and contract managers to implement requirements to promote respect for human rights by their suppliers. The toolkit highlights how such requirements can be incorporated across different stages of the procurement cycle, outlining a general approach relevant to different legal and market contexts that can be adapted to national specificities. The toolkit offers specific guidance for (1) policy makers and (2) procurement practitioners.

Tool Outcome

The toolkit features two step by step guides for policy makers and procurement practitioners on how to integrate human rights into procurement procedures.


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