Gender Tool Kit: Transport

Gender Tool Kit: Transport


Asian Development Bank (ADB)

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Project Preparation ToolsHelp public authorities manage sustainable project preparation processes.



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Strategic PlanningPublic authorities identify the needs and long-term vision for infrastructure development., PrioritizationAuthorities decide which projects to realize and how to allocate resources., Project PlanningGeneral strategy for a project’s delivery is developed., Concept DesignTechnical experts broadly outline the project’s basic characteristics.

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The Gender Toolkit provides guidance for transport sector specialists and gender specialists on how to mainstream gender equality issues into transport project design, implementation, and policy engagement. It supports users in designing project outputs, activities, inputs, indicators, and targets to respond to gender issues in transport sector operations. The tool kit is divided into key subsectors of ADB’s transport sector investments: rural roads, national highways, railways, urban transport and services, bridges, and waterbased transport and ports.

Tool Outcome

According to the ADB, gender equality outcomes are mainly expected in transport projects that include expansion and improvement of rural and provincial roads, sometimes national roads, and urban mass transit services. These projects are designed to directly address gender inequality and concerns in access to, use of, and benefits from transport infrastructure and services. For example, expected gender equality outcomes might be to directly improve women’s access, and reduced travel times, to social and public services, markets, or employment.

Sustainability Criteria

Consideration of gender differences and promotion of gender equality in infrastructure projects.



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