AutoCASE is a software that calculates the Triple bottom line cost-benefit analysis for buildings and infrastructure. Autocase for sites/infrastructure seeks to provide cost-effective, sustainable and resilient stormwater management watershed/sewershed, and land planning solutions by incorporating social, environmental and financial value into designs.

How It Works

Helps attribute monetary value to financial, social and environmental impacts.

Tool Outcome

AutoCASE automates the process for valuing intangible benefits such as air pollution, property values, and recreational space and includes these values into the cost-benefit analysis.

Sustainability Criteria

This software is proprietary. Sustainability criteria are not available.

Additional Information

  • Users of the tool – Project Team, Developers, Public Authorities, Investors, Financial Institutions, Insurers, General Audience
  • Phase when the tool applies¬†–¬†Prioritization, Procurement, Finance, Planning, Design, Construction, Operation
  • Geographic application¬†– Global application- not specified