Green Star Buildings

Green Star Buildings


Green Building Council of Australia

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Rating Systems



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Project Planning, Concept Design, Detailed Design, Construction, Operation and Maintenance

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Green Star Buildings is Australia’s leading rating tool for new buildings and major refurbishments. Green Star Buildings sets out the criteria that must be met to deliver healthy, resilient, and positive places for people and nature. It aims to meet current and future demands on the built environment with aspirational benchmarks for addressing the key issues of the next decade: Climate action, resource efficiency, and health and wellbeing. The tool now includes different manuals that previously certified the construction and design (Green Star Design & As Built) as well as the operational performance of buildings (Green Star Performance).

Tool Outcome

The Green Star rating scale works in four levels (1) Legal compliance, (2) 4 Star Green Star, (3) 5 Star Green Star, (4) 6 Star Green Star, where the first level means that the building is compliant with legislation, and the 6 Star rated building showcases world leadership in sustainability.

Sustainability Criteria

The tool provides a holistic rating across five impact categories:
– Governance
– Livability
– Economic prosperity
– Environment
– Innovation