GRESB Infrastructure Assessments

GRESB Infrastructure Assessments


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Sustainability BenchmarksCompare the sustainability performance of assets or funds.


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FinanceDevelopers decide how to pay for their project., ConstructionThe asset is constructed in line with design, budget and timeline., Operation and MaintenanceInfrastructure assets are managed and maintained during their use time.

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GRESB Infrastructure Assessment scores and benchmarks the ESG performance of investment portfolios and infrastructure assets. The tool consists of two complementary assessments: (1) The GRESB Fund Assessment within which participating funds are scored and benchmarked against each other. A report on fund performance is published once a year in October and informs investors’ decision making. (2) The GRESB Assets Assessment evaluates the ESG management and performance of single or multiple infrastructure assets. Assets are scored and benchmarked against each other. An optional Resilience Module can be added to both types of assessments.

Tool Outcome

For the GRESB Fund Assessment, GRESB publishes a report on fund performance that includes all benchmarking groups every year in October to inform the decision making of investment institutions. Participants of the GRESB Asset Assessment receive a benchmark report and a portfolio analysis tool which provide for in-depth analyses of sustainability performance, enable detailed peer group comparisons and highlight industry best practices.

Sustainability Criteria

The GRESB Assets Assessment evaluates the ESG management and performance of infrastructure assets across the five management criteria of the GRESB Fund Assessment (above) plus additional twelve ESG performance criteria:
– Implementation
– Output & impact
– Health & safety
– Energy
– Greenhouse gas emissions
– Air pollution
– Water
– Waste
– Biodiversity & habitat
– Employees
– Customers
– Certifications & awards

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