Infrastructure Voluntary Evaluation Sustainability Tool- INVEST

Infrastructure Voluntary Evaluation Sustainability Tool- INVEST


Federal Highway Administration(FHVA) developed INVEST as a web-based self-evaluation tool comprised of voluntary sustainability best practices, called criteria, which cover the full lifecycle of transportation services, including system planning, project planning, design, and construction, and continuing through operations and maintenance. FHWA developed INVEST for voluntary use by transportation agencies to assess and enhance the sustainability of their projects and programs.

How It Works

The INVEST criteria are divided into four modules: System Planning for States (SPS), System Planning for Regions (SPR), Project Development (PD), and Operations and Maintenance (OM). The SPS, SPR, and OM modules are intended for evaluating an agency’s programs and the PD module is for the evaluation of projects, from early project planning through construction. Each module is independent and is evaluated separately.

Tool Outcome

An assessment intended to identify, recognize, and promote above-and-beyond efforts towards sustainability in transportation programs and projects.

Sustainability Criteria

  • System Planning for States Module
  • System Planning for Regions Module
  • Project Development Module
  • Operations and Maintenance Module
  • Innovative Criterion.

Additional Information

  • Users of the tool – Project Team, Developers, Public Authorities
  • Phase when the tool applies – Planning, Design, Construction, Operation, Maintenance
  • Geographic application – USA