IS Rating Scheme

IS Rating Scheme


IS rating scheme was developed to evaluate sustainability across the planning, design, construction, and operational phases of infrastructure programs, projects, networks, and assets. It is intended to assess a project’s governance, economic, environmental, and social aspects.

How It Works

IS evaluates the sustainability performance of the quadruple bottom line (Governance, Economic, Environmental and Social) of infrastructure development. The system is divided into different categories, and each of these categories is divided into a number of credits which addresses a specific aspect of sustainability performance within the category. The total score is calculated with points from each of the categories evaluated.

Tool Outcome

An assessment of a project’s governance, economic, environmental, and social aspects

Sustainability Criteria

  • 1. Governance: Context, Leadership, and Management, Sustainable Procurement, Resilience, Innovation
  • 2. Economic: Options Assessment and Business Case, Benefits
  • 3. Environment: Energy and Carbon, Green Infrastructure, Environmental impacts, Resource Efficiency, Water, Ecology
  • 4. Social: Stakeholder Engagement, Legacy, Heritage, Workforce Sustainability

Additional Information

  • Users of the tool – Project Team, Developers, Public Authorities, Investors, General Audience
  • Phase when the tool applies – Planning, Design, Construction
  • Geographic application – Australia, New Zealand