Pearl Rating System for Estidama – Building Rating System

Pearl Rating System for Estidama – Building Rating System


Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council

Type(s) of Tool

Rating Systems



Lifecycle Phase(s)

Concept Design, Detailed Design, Construction

Open Source


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Country of Origin

United Arab Emirates

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The Pearl Rating System’s Building Rating System promotes the development of sustainable buildings in Abu Dhabi. The tool encourages water, energy and waste minimization, local material use and improved supply chains for sustainable and recycled materials and products throughout the project life cycle, from design to construction. The PCRS is applicable to offices, retail buildings, multi-residentials, schools and buildings with mixed uses. The sustainability of buildings is assessed across a broad list of required and optional credits, that are adapted depending on the building’s use.

Tool Outcome

The Pearl Rating System results in a final rating of One Pearl to Five Pearls depending on the total point-score a building project achieves. The scoring also gives a good overview of areas where improvements are needed and encourages sustainable management and operations.

Sustainability Criteria

The Pearl Rating System is organized into eight categories, each featuring a set of required and optional criteria that can be adapted depending on the building’s use:
– Integrated Development Process (up to 9 criteria)
– Natural systems (up to 7 criteria)
– Livable buildings: outdoors (up to 13 criteria)
– Livable buildings: indoors (up to 19 criteria)
– Precious water (up to 8 criteria)
– Resourceful energy (up to 10 criteria)
– Stewarding materials (up to 18 criteria)
– Innovating practice (up to 2 criteria)