Performance Excellence in Energy Renewal-PEER

Performance Excellence in Energy Renewal-PEER


PEER is a third-party certification program and road map for sustainable power system performance and electricity delivery systems. This tool helps energy professionals define, specify, and assess power generation, transmission, and distribution and provides a framework for continuous improvement.

How It Works

Projects can become certified by achieving a minimum set of requirements and score under the PEER rating system. There are four levels of certification for designating how well a project is performing. PEER certification can become a tool with which to demonstrate value to investors, identify opportunities for improvement and implement those (including through clean energy procurement), and drive larger market change.

Tool Outcome

Improvement and verification for the overall sustainability of electricity delivery system design and operations.

Sustainability Criteria

  • Reliability and resiliency
  • Operations, management, and safety
  • Energy efficiency and environment
  • Grid services
  • Innovation and Exemplary Performance and
  • Regional Priority.

Additional Information

  • Users of the tool – Project Team, Developers, Public Authorities, Operators
  • Phase when the tool applies – Procurement, Planning, Design, Construction, Operation, Maintenance
  • Geographic application- Not specified – Applies globally