Zofnass Economic Process Tool

Zofnass Economic Process Tool


The Zofnass Economic Process Tool is a platform that offers a fast and easy way to achieve preliminary quantification and monetization of sustainability externalities in infrastructure projects based on the Envision rating system. The quantification of sustainability externalities becomes an integral part of the design process and promotes the implementation of sustainable strategies. This approach also negotiates existing gaps in the understanding of sustainability and economics, allowing more stakeholders to become part of the design solution.

How It Works

This tool uses user input values to achieve this quantification in a clear and transparent manner. The tool uses a comprehensive data set to inform users on the range of values that fit their proposed project designs.

Tool Outcome

The Zofnass Economic Process Tool provides information regarding cost-benefit analysis and externalities monetization of sustainable strategies. The externalities listed in the tool relate and are aligned to each one of the Envision credits (V.2).

Sustainability Criteria

Follows Envision rating system V.2 criteria:

  • 1. Quality of Life (12 credits)
  • 2. Leadership (10 credits)
  • 3. Resource Allocation (14 credits)
  • 4. Natural World (15 credits)
  • 5. Climate and Risk (8 credits)

Additional Information

  • Users of the tool – Project Team, Developers, Public Authorities, Investors, General Audience
  • Phase when the tool applies – Prioritization, Procurement, Finance, Planning, Design, Construction, Operation
  • Geographic application – Global application- not specified