SuRe Standard: Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure

SuRe Standard: Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure


Global Infrastructure Basel (GIB)

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Rating SystemsProvide quantifiable sustainability ratings and / or certification for projects or assets.


Tools applicable to all sectors

Lifecycle Phase(s)

Project PlanningGeneral strategy for a project’s delivery is developed., Concept DesignTechnical experts broadly outline the project’s basic characteristics., Detailed DesignTechnical experts further elaborate the Concept Design., ConstructionThe asset is constructed in line with design, budget and timeline., Operation and MaintenanceInfrastructure assets are managed and maintained during their use time., Decomissioning/RepurposingObsolete infrastructure assets are repurposed, recycled or removed and the land is reused or restored.

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SuRe® – the Standard for Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure is a third-party verified, global voluntary standard to drive the integration of sustainability and resilience aspects into infrastructure development and upgrade projects by providing guidance. The tool also serves as a globally applicable common language tool for infrastructure project developers, financiers and public sector institutions. Infrastructure projects wishing to undergo SuRe® certification are subject to independent third-party audits provided by an independent accredited Certification Body. After initial certification, surveillance audits are carried out annually.

Tool Outcome

The Standard provides guidance on how to manage sustainability and resilience aspects of infrastructure projects, including through capacity building, certification, project registration, and impact measuring / monitoring, supporting public entities, project developers and financiers of infrastructure developments to select more sustainable and resilient projects for development, to recognize their improved financial performance and to see a greater volume of more sustainable and resilient projects designed and financed. Based on the project’s performance across SuRe®’s 61 sustainability criteria, projects are awarded different certifications (Bronze – Silver – Gold).

Sustainability Criteria

The Standard integrates 61 criteria of sustainability and resilience into infrastructure development clustered in 14 themes:
– Climate
– Biodiversity & ecosystems
– Resource management
– Pollution
– Land use & landscape
– Human rights
– Labour rights & working conditions
– Community protection
– Costumer focus & community involvement
– Socioeconomic development
– Management & oversight
– Sustainability & resilience Management
– Stakeholder engagement
– Anti-corruption & transparency


Climate Change Mitigation, Resource Efficiency, Climate Change Adaptation

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