Sustainability Accounting Standards

Sustainability Accounting Standards


Sustainability Accounting Standards Board

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StandardsProvide information about the compliance of projects or assets with a given set of sustainability criteria.


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FinanceDevelopers decide how to pay for their project.

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SASB standards are a set of industry-specific standards that identify the subset of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues most important for the sustainability accounting of companies. The standards are designed to enable companies to disclose their financially-material sustainability information to investors in a cost-effective and decision-useful manner. Standards are available for 77 different industries. In the area of infrastructure, standards are available for (1) electric utilities & power generators, (2) engineering & construction services, (3) gas utilities & distributors, (4) home builders, (5) real estate, (6) real estate services, (7) waste management and (8) water utilities & services.

Tool Outcome

SASB standards can be used to identify, manage and communicate sustainability information that is financially material. Companies themselves determine which standard(s) and which disclosure topics are relevant to them. This process can benefit businesses by improving transparency, risk management and performance. The standards aim to support alignment of reporting and thereby enable investors to make better investment decisions.

Sustainability Criteria

Sustainability disclosure topics depend on the industry-specific standard applied.

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