The International Benchmarking Network (IBNET) for Water and Sanitation Utilities

The International Benchmarking Network (IBNET) for Water and Sanitation Utilities


World Bank

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Sustainability BenchmarksCompare the sustainability performance of assets or funds.


Water and Sanitation

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Project PlanningGeneral strategy for a project’s delivery is developed.

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Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Vietnamese

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IBNET supports the access to comparative information that will help to promote best practice among water supply and sanitation providers worldwide and eventually will provide consumers with access to high quality, and affordable water supply and sanitation services. The tool sets forth a common set of data definitions, a minimum set of cost and performance indicators, and provides software to allow easy data collection and calculation of the indicators, while it also provides resources to analyze data and present results. Users are encouraged to share their results with IBNET peers to enable information sharing, identification of best practices and benchmarking.

Tool Outcome

The IBNET tool can be used to analyze the performance of water supply and sanitation providers. Based on the sharing of results, (best) practices can be identified and compared. On this basis, utility managers can identify areas for improvement, governments and regulators can monitor and adjust policies and regulations to ensure high quality water supply and sanitation, customers can inform themselves and investors can identify market opportunities.

Sustainability Criteria

The IBNET tool measures performance across the following indicators:
– Service coverage
– Quality of service
– Water consumption & production
– Billing & collections
– Non-revenue water
– Financial performance
– Metering practices
– Assets
– Pipe network performance
– Affordability of service
– Cost & staffing
– Process indicators


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