Vermont Transportation Resilience Planning Tool – TRPT

Vermont Transportation Resilience Planning Tool – TRPT


The Vermont Transportation Resilience Planning Tool (TRPT), is a web-based application that helps integrate climate risk and transportation resiliency into VTrans planning process and ultimately create a more resilient transportation network in Vermont. The TRPT, advanced through the Methods and Tools for Transportation Resilience Planning Project, combines river science, hydraulics and transportation planning methods to help VTrans and project partners understand the vulnerability of their transportation systems to the impacts of climate change and extreme weather and identify and prioritize mitigation strategies to avoid or minimize the impacts of future damages in the most critical, highest risk locations.

How It Works

The Vermont Transportation Resilience Planning Tool (TRPT), is a web-based application which identifies bridges, culverts, and road embankments within a watershed that are vulnerable to damage from floods; Estimates risk based on the vulnerability and criticality of roadway segments, and identifies potential mitigation measures based on the factors driving the vulnerability and criticality.

Tool Outcome

Display the results of vulnerability, criticality/transportation modeling, risk, and mitigation strategies assessments in these watersheds, and allow users to review these data for three flood sizes (10-year, 50-year, and 100-year; or 10%, 2%, and 1% chance annual recurrence interval) and three processes (inundation, erosion, and deposition). Key features include a map service for viewing spatial datasets, graphical data for summary analyses, and tabular display of mitigation alternatives for at-risk transportation assets.

Sustainability Criteria

  • Vulnerability (V)
  • Criticality (C)
  • Risk (R)
  • Mitigation (M)

Additional Information

  • Users of the tool – Project Team, Developers, Public Authorities
  • Phase when the tool applies – Planning
  • Geographic application – Vermont Transportation System