TRUE Zero Waste

TRUE Zero Waste


Zero Waste is a rating system, developed in the United States by a non-profit organization, the Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI), to be used on a global scale. The main purpose of using this tool is to enable facilities to define, pursue, and achieve their zero waste goals, cutting their carbon footprint, and supporting public health.

How It Works

The rating system consists of a total of 81 possible credits. All minimum program requirements must be met if a project is considered for certification. Credits in the rating system are organized into 15 categories that reflect all aspects of a successful zero waste program. All credits are considered optional; However, 31 credit points must be earned for a project to achieve certification.

Tool Outcome

Processes that consider the entire lifecycle of products used within a facility

Sustainability Criteria

  • Redesign (4 credits)
  • Reduce (7 credits)
  • Reuse (7 credits)
  • Compost (Re-Earth)- (7 credits)
  • Recycle (2 credits)
  • Zero Waste Reporting (4 credits)
  • Diversion from landfill, incineration, and environment ( 1 credit)
  • Zero Waste Purchasing (7 credits)
  • Leadership (6 credits)
  • Training (8 credits)
  • Zero Waste Analysis (5 credits)
  • Upstream Management (4 credits)
  • Hazardous Waste Prevention (5 credits)
  • Closed Loop System (4 credits)
  • Innovation (3 credits)

Additional Information

  • Users of the tool – Project Team, Developers, Public Authorities, General Audience
  • Phase when the tool applies – Operation, Maintenance
  • Geographic application – USA to this day. Applies globally