RepRisk is an ESG risk database that helps to systematically screen and monitor companies’ portfolios of clients, investments and suppliers, and flag those companies with high ESG risk exposure. The tool systematically captures and analyzes adverse ESG and business conduct data, retrieved from media, stakeholders and other public resources, that can have a reputational, compliance, and financial impact on a company or project. Daily, the tool screens more than 90,000 sources in 20 languages by combining artificial and human intelligence to identify and assess risks early at the local, regional, and international level. Additional solutions to measure individual risks are available.

Sector(s): Tools applicable to all sectors
Lifecycle Phase(s): PrioritizationAuthorities decide which projects to realize and how to allocate resources., FinanceDevelopers decide how to pay for their project.
Type(s) of Tool: Economic / Financial ValuationsAnalyses the economic/financial value and risks related to projects.
Organization: RepRisk AG

The Resource Manual for Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEA) supports the application of the UN Economic Commission for Europe‘s Protocol on SEA. The Manual highlights the main requirements of the Protocol, outlines key issues for applying the Manual in practice and provides materials for training & capacity development programmes that support the Protocol’s application. The Manual is divided in two parts: (A) for users applying the protocol and (B) for trainers that engage in capacity development activities.

Sector(s): Tools applicable to all sectors
Lifecycle Phase(s): Strategic PlanningPublic authorities identify the needs and long-term vision for infrastructure development.
Type(s) of Tool: Impact AssessmentsEvaluate the impacts of assets or policies on the environment and local livelihoods.
Organization: UNECE, Regional Environmental Centre for Central and Eastern Europe